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Vintage Piano

The Soul of a Vintage Piano

There is a difference between a properly restored vintage Steinway piano and a factory product of any brand. Once again, I will illustrate this with an example. Imagine a Yamaha C7 (7 ft 5 inches) and a vintage restored Steinway B (6 feet 11 inches), sitting side by side in a room with good acoustics. You sit down to play the C 7, and is a wonderful piano. Moves to compare the Steinway B sound and touch. As you play you realize that there is a subtle difference in sound.

The Steinway has a warm sound more resonant and responsive feel. Do you realize that the sound of this piano is truly unique. It may not be exactly duplicated no matter how hard you might try. Here are the reasons. The Yamaha was built in a factory. Every part of the installation of the piano has been mechanized to the extent possible. The screws are tightened all exactly the same.

The tolerances of the notches and bridge pins are correct. The result is a mass-produced wonderful piano. In comparison, the restored vintage Steinway is stripped down by hand, hand-finished, the finish is rubbed raw by hand in a process that takes weeks. The best color for the finish is chosen specifically for that piano. Subsequently, the sound card, pin block and bridge caps are replaced.

The sound card is topped up by a table of belly man belly. Each table has different characteristics. Every man does his stomach in his own way, and all of its pianos have as recognizable as his work. Subsequently, the action is stripped, cleaned, re felted, reassembled, regulated, and voiced in a process that takes weeks. The best parts of action are considered specifically for the character of the sound you want for that piano.

Once the piano is drawn and developed the tone regulation begins. Although this work continues with the aim to bring out the character of that piano in particular. The result is a piano that has more than the sum of its parts. E 'unique touch and sound. It has the individual stamp of all those who worked on it. It has a unique history that dates back even if the years the artisan who created the piano, sometimes more than one hundred years ago through the process of restoration that is totally independent on the piano.

Antique pianos: the real value in a practical world

It 's very well to talk about the beauty of the piano and its sound wonderful, and his soul. What does this mean in the real world?

Vintage Steinway pianos as an investment

Your primary investment for the purchase of an antique piano is the satisfaction that you get to play, and looking at the piano. This is the intrinsic value of the piano and is completely subjective. The monetary value of the piano can be identified by comparison shopping. First we will consider as a condition vintage Steinways. This means that the complete restoration is needed. Here are realistic wholesale prices that a dealer typically pay for each model a piano in need of complete restoration.

Steinway S, 5 ft 1 in $ 4,500.00
Steinway M, 5 feet 7 inches $ 5,500.00
Steinway O, L, 5 ft 10 ½ inches up to $ 8,500.00
Steinway A1, 6 feet 2 inches up to $ 9,500.00
Steinway A2, 6 ft 1 "up to $ 9,500.00
Steinway A3, 6 feet 4 inches up to € 11,000.00
Steinway B, 6 feet 11 inches up to € 14,000.00
Steinway C, 7 feet 5 inches up to $ 17,000.00
Steinway D 8 ft 11 inches up to € 22,000.00

These are wholesale prices for pianos ebony with straight legs. Merchants who usually pay a premium for the pianos tone wood case with ornate styles or art. A premium is sometimes paid for ivory use.

Here is a spreadsheet paying retail prices for most common models and styles of antique pianos restored Steinway grand. This can be verified by comparison shopping.

Now that you know more than you ever wanted on vintage Steinway pianos I will include some pictures depicting the various styles of IE legs. Flower Pot Ice Cream Cone, Louis XV, Serpentine, Tulip.

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