Saturday, February 5, 2011

Take Care of Grandpiano

How to Take Care of a Grand Piano
Take care of their grand piano to bring many years of pleasant music. Keep your piano looking Beautiful and its surface free from dust and scratches. Clean the piano at least weekly and prudence in the choice of cleaning materials. Many commercial devices dusting can actually damage the surface of the piano. What is outside the piano could damage the components inside the piano. A grand piano, which often receives proper care it provides many years of use and pleasant sounds.


Locate the piano in a room or a place with a constant level of temperature and humidity. Good control of humidity prevents wood components of the piano against the deformation and prolongs the life span of the instrument.

Store piano and objects d'art and not anywhere else on your piano. Pianos contain moisture damage ends, and objects of art scratching piano.

Dust your piano regularly. Wool duster of a lamb or a soft, lint-free dust without marring the surface finish.

Wipe the keys of the piano with a soft cloth. Dip the cloth in water with dishwashing detergent, and squeeze it almost dry. Wipe the keys with a cloth to remove dust or other particles.

Call a piano technician to service the piano when an object falls into or when the piano needs tuning. A grand piano needs tuning at least once a year.

Play your piano often. Frequent use helps a piano to acquire a characteristic "voice". Every time you play your piano, you help increase the beauty of its sound.

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