Monday, February 7, 2011

Restore Old Piano

How to Restore Old Piano
If you're an experienced pianist, with a strip do-it-yourself mechanics and some experts, the restoration of a vintage piano to its original state may seem like a romantic idea and the environment. Depending on the age of the piano, the condition and quality is essential, however, the actual restoration may be prohibitively expensive, time consuming or even impossible. If you decide to return, however, an adequate knowledge and expertise as well as some patience --- can make a piano I love you more than any other tool that could be purchased new.

User steps to restore an old piano
• 1
Open the piano and take a look inside. The take off the covers will allow you to check the visible damage - broken pegs, strings or hammers, deformed wires, pedals removed, dust or dirt collected, or wedged into the action.

• 2
Each piano of the pedal produces a slightly different shock absorber on the strings of a piano.
Test each component of the piano to determine what needs to be repaired. The soundboard of the piano holds them together "guts". Make sure it is not broken and that the ribs, pins, bridges, and inside are not cracked or broken. Check if all the strings are missing or broken. The piano of "action" is the mechanism that causes the felt hammers strike the strings when a key is pressed. The action has broken parts? Also be sure to check the pedals and dampers, keyboard, and the wooden case. "

• 3
Buy parts from a music store or order online.

• 4
Repair any damaged part of the piano, working from the inside out. Start with the soundboard and its components, then the 'strings, action, pedals and dampers, and keyboard. Test each component to ensure it works properly before moving on to the next set of parts.

• 5
Set the appropriate level of wood apart for painting. Do not paint while his body on the piano.

Final stages in your Restoration Piano
• 1
Tune the piano. If you feel like a competent tuner, do it yourself. If not, bring in a professional. A good tuner like to have the piano "open", so do not fit the case until the piano is tuned.

• 2
Reconnect the appropriate organ piano.

• 3
Try playing the piano alone. While the restoration is still fresh in your mind, listen and feel for any remaining problems, so you can quickly solve.

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