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Piano Rebuilding

Piano Rebuilding

The reconstruction involves a complete restoration of each area of the piano, including the replacement of structural components, the pieces of action, restringing, etc. A piano finish that is reconstructed in the true sense of the word should have complete replacement of all parts that are worn out, in questionable conditions and / or structurally sound. Pianos contain thousands of parts. This is the reason for the complete restoration is rarely done and the costs are prohibitive.

reconstruction piano of stores to use the approach that the old is better. "I just do not build them like once." Fortunately, the car manufacturers do not build cars the way they use both. Sure, there's something to be said for the "mystical" to pull out that old '55 Thunderbird on a sunny afternoon on Sunday and take it for a spin. This is exactly the feeling piano rebuilders use to their advantage. However, no one in their right mind would go to an auto salvage yard, choose a rusty old Buick, all have processed and painted body panels, install new interior, new engine, transmission, rear, new tires etc. and in the process of spend more money than the cost of a new car! Or would they? Perhaps they have an undying love of old things or a strong sentimental attachment to something that means a lot to them. Maybe they just have a lot of money to burn.

As a practical matter, it's just stupid to spend money trying to make that old piano "new" again when it might be more wisely invested in a new quality piano. This does not mean that all old pianos should be trashed. Sure, there are rare occasions where an old piano can be beautifully restored to "like new" condition by highly skilled craftsmen. Some of the charm of old pianos are uniquely decorated lockers details specific periods of history that many of the manufacturers not only offer modern pianos. For those with big pocket books which have fascinated and infatuated with the past, a quality of rebuilding an old piano can be a wonderful thing. However, be prepared to spend much more of an instrument completely rebuilt as it could spend for the best quality new piano of comparable size!

Remember, the reconstruction of a piano in every detail without compromise is rarely, if ever. A museum piece, but maybe for the average customer looking for a tool rebuilt compromise somewhere in the reconstruction process is inevitable.

For most of us, buying a rebuilt piano is not only practical. A frankly, only a small percentage of old pianos actually meet the criteria that must be met to consider a complete restoration. old pianos that can be made useful for lessons or pleasure at a minimal cost should be kept in the market. The vast majority of pianos in need of extensive repair, regardless of brand, should be treated like garbage and are disposed of.

Indisputable scientific facts support the superiority of new pianos of good quality compared to the old instruments rebuilt. Consider this: virtually no major college or conservatory of music associated with a large university buy rebuilt pianos. Many of the larger institutions to maintain a technical staff to optimize and fix their concert and practice pianos. Some of these tools can have a series of hammers replaced or get a new set of strings. In general, as these repairs are made as of the intermediate when the year's budget does not allow the purchase of a new instrument. In almost every case, when a piano institution needs a complete rebuild that require major, expensive work, a new piano is preferred.

Periodically, the universities have "cleaned house" of all their pianos unsatisfactory. These instruments are traded in and also purchased by piano tuners, which then "reconditioned" or partially rebuilt. The institutions that use pianos for practice and work together to find tools rebuilt impractical and rather buy again. It 'obvious that the same logic applies to the average customer.

At least, if you are considering buying a piano rebuilt or are thinking about having Gramma's old piano fixed up, get everything in writing! Having your piano technician step through each phase of the reconstruction process. Have he or she will show you first hand exactly what will and will not be done. Looking more closely at what parts are replaced as well as what the trade-offs are in progress, you may find yourself reconsidering! Especially when you see that bottom line!

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