Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Clean Inside a Grand piano lid

How Clean Inside a Grand piano lid
If you have a grandpiano, you know how to dust and dirt can get under the cover. There are several things you can do on your own to clean the inside of the lid of the piano and keep it clean.


1. When possible, keep the lid closed. If you have the top most of the time, the piano will trap a lot of dust and dirt. Just open when you really need or want the full sound the look and beauty of a great open.

2. Take a soft cloth dust and dust carefully the front area around the ankles and easily accessible area around the ropes. Be sure to use a white cloth without any oil, since oil can damage the pins or strings. You can do this every couple of weeks.

3. For a more thorough cleaning, vacuum the area with the pin brush vacuum dust. Then back around to empty strings and very lightly and carefully on the ropes.

4. When the piano is very dusty, blow the dirt around the ankles and under the ropes with a shop vacuum or a void that can be reversed in order to blow. This blow dust around the room, so be prepared to clean the rest of the room later. Some tuners use this method.

5. Another method used by tuners is this: Get a clean cloth and place it carefully under the ropes, push it around and pull out again. To move the rag, tuners use a flexible steel called implement sound card, which can be ordered on the Internet. Caution is needed because the steel can scratch your sound card or damage a string. I personally have replaced a plastic stick with good success. If you want to try this, do not use too often a rag, and be careful. If you have a very valuable tool, ask your tuner to do it for you. In any case, if you follow all the other steps, your piano will remain clean in much, much more.

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