Friday, March 25, 2011

Rebuilt Piano Steinway

Used and Rebuilt Steinway

We are the largest U.S. independent dealer of used and rebuilt Steinway, with nearly 100 Steinway pianos in our inventory.

Steinway that we carry include those that are almost new, the ones that are rebuilt, and those that are used in good condition, very good or excellent. Our mission, to be the leading rebuilder and supplier of quality pianos Steinway concert pianists looking for the best quality piano for their money, you get in three main ways:

* We hand-pick our inventory Steinway. This is particularly important since no two Steinways are the same. We carefully select Steinways only able to meet (or have the potential to meet) our standard of quality and performance.

* We have our piano restoration facility of 12,000 feet, where our highly skilled craftsmen who use our machines owned and processes that have been developed and refined over the past 30 years, to rebuild our era Steinway to their original splendor. We set the industry standard for the reconstruction quality Steinway, which only benefits our customers as we do not offer our services reconstruction of other dealers. The market has clearly recognized the quality of our reconstruction and value, as we sell our rebuilt pianos at competitive prices with the prices of other rebuilders, generally sell in the secondary market for the premiums remarkable pianos rebuilt by others. The "Faust Harrison rebuilt Steinway" has become a highly sought after brand in and of itself. Steinway

* Our staff has a combined sales of the largest deposits of Steinway knowledge and expertise in the world, that our customers are very valuable, considering that no two Steinways are the same and there are real differences between the new, nearly new , used and rebuilt Steinways.

Of the Steinway that we carry:

* Our Steinways almost new look, and sound like new, but they cost about 75% of the price of a new Steinway.

* Our completely renovated and decorated with vintage vintage Steinways usually cost about 75-80% of the price of comparable new models.

* We used 'value' pianos are prepared and detailed to be the best possible without incurring the expense of a complete renovation, and that means less cost.

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