Saturday, February 12, 2011

Vintage Piano

Definition of a Vintage Piano
An vintage piano is not just an old piano. An vintage piano must have a real value. A Wurlitzer piano made in the early 1900's is just an old piano and a Steinway piano from the same period would be considered vintage. What is the difference? The simple answer is quality and value. The antique piano is precious above all because the potential for beauty of sound and appearance, and secondly because of the Steinway name. The value of the antique piano is enhanced by the preservation of the original case and ivory keys. This is especially true if the piano has a unique case. Examples of this would be a case of Louis XV, or a D Centenary with serpentine legs, original ivories, and a cut lectern. However, a straight leg from the 1940 Steinway piano is also considered a classic, though less valuable, only for the potential beauty of sound and the simple elegance of the case.

Vintage pianos: the potential value against the realization of potential.

To illustrate this theme, I use the example of a rosewood Steinway A flower pot with legs, cut the lectern, and the original ivory keys. This is an antique piano in the non-playable.

This piano has a lot of potential value because the rosewood veneer is recoverable, the piano has all its original parts, and has the potential to be a wonderful musical instrument. To fully exploit this potential, the piano must be fully restored to its original state.

In example (below) of this original one Steinway sound card, the locking pin and the shares are non-usable and must be replaced. If this is not done the full potential value of this piano period could never be realized because the piano would never play properly. At the same time, the case of the piano would need to be restored with original parts to realize the full potential value of the piano.

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