Sunday, February 6, 2011

Restore Piano

Restore Piano Donated by Lord Beaverbrook

Miramichi - With a piano donated by Lord Beaverbrook in their possession, Carrefour Beausoleil is trying to find some 'information on the instrument, as well as the costs of replacement.

Daniel Levesque, services coordinator for the pianot, said that determine the importance of the piano is in progress.

Although not much information available yet, Levesque is reaching out to the community. He asks anyone any information about the piano to share it with him.

Levesque has already contacted Danemann, creator of the piano, as well as Harrods, the company that sent the piano.

His research has also received international interest when the UK newspaper Guardian Epsom via email to interested parties to tell the story.

While some of the information received so far is still being confirmed Levesque said it was the understanding of some of the teachers who were there, along with the history books, that Beaverbrook donated to the school with a black and white television.

"This is the best we can confirm at this point," said Levesque. Based on research, the piano was built around 1955 in England. "So we wanted to try and sort of get his pedigree."

"But we're also trying to get more information on the gift itself. If there is anyone left alive who was at the ceremony, if there was a ceremony, and so on."
The process was difficult, Levesque said, and there is no direct link made by someone who was there.

"It 's difficult to do so. What I did is try to gather some information on what it takes to get it back to plain and exhibiting condition .... It is not in bad condition, but it certainly needs improvements."

He added costs associated with re-tuning and refurbishing piano could cost about $ 1,000. He noted the piano, potentially, on the basis of prices obtained from similar style pianos, worth close to $ 5,000 new. He hopes to raise funds and, potentially, a local benefactor could be used to collect the necessary funds.

But he is sure at this point how the money will be raised.
"We're very early in the process. I mean, it would be nice if ... we get a benefactor who says 'well I would like to see restored pianoe'."

Assistance from the provincial government was not required but Levesque said he pianos to go to school. The school is housed in a community center, he said, and works for the center.

"And with the intention that piano - and this is just discussion, as well - is to kind of see it passed, officially if you like, from old school to new school Beaverbrook Carrefour Beausoleil."

School District 11 has shown interest in the renovation of the piano, Levesque said.
If the debate was still possible, Levesque hopes to put the piano in music class once ended up being used as a teaching tool.

As of now the class of piano is on loan at the center of the community.
"So if we can get this kind of a piano in a small school like ours, the number of hours that are taught then, yes, all the more significant because there are not many schools that have such a piano with such historical significance. "

He added: "I follow the steps, I think, make requests, and presenting some of the costs incurred would know that to finish it, and our intentions at that time, I mean, it would be a small meeting .."

He hopes that people with information to come forward.
"We'd put a small plaque on the piano to make sure its recognized for what it is. There is a certain historical significance of it."

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