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Steinway Rebuilding Advise

Steinway Rebuilding Advise

I am looking for information on a piano that I'm going to buy for reconstruction. The piano is a 1935 Steinway Model L. The main problem is that the piano was not played for a very long time and the action is oxidized makes unplayable. Being a pianist, artist level, I need a piano is a beautiful sound and excellent action. My technician is experienced enough repected and says that this piano is a wonderful candidate for the reconstruction and that the soundboad is perfect. He proposed a complete rebuild with all parties Steinway, short of replacing the soundboard that he refinish / close for reasons of conservation and cosmetics. He will replace the entire action, pinblock, bows, hammers, etc. What questions should I be asking him and waiting for the situation as regards the final outcome? Are strings and hammers also from Steinway? Thanks for any and all REPONSES and advise.

In essance, what you really want is to be armed with sufficient knowledge and intelligent questions in order to protect themselves somewhat.To pick the brains of the professionals here is a way to go about it. There is an implication ettiquette as you can guess as to entrust your reconstruction tech where as these are the questions that should be asked not to other technologies, with opposing viewpoints and opinions. In fact, it's perfectly natural to do so if what you acquire is actually only superficial knowledge in order to qualify themselves as an "expert Overnite."
The number one question always be "Do you use all parts Steinway." I usually say that the parties Knabe people usually do not fit!
I could list 100 + different questions for you to quiz your tech rebuilder, as for the procedure, but they are not.

Some of the questions you might want to actually survey are

1) If you make a living as a tuner / tech or reconstruction?
2) What exactly how to do reconstruction procedures subcontracters other outside source. What do you personally yourself.ex exact procedures. pinblock, the hole and hang on hammers, etc. keytops
3) Do you personally "refine" his client's pianos? or do you help where the customer pays the person (contractor) apart.
4) Do you have a dedicated facility, as for most of the reconstruction. It 'made in the structure "Finish".
5) When outsourcing, do you take on 100% of respondsibility at the end of your subwoofer.
6) How many actual full restorations do you make a year.
7) What happens if I do not like the end result eg. choice of hammers, or touchweight?

It seems to me that you are a pianist at a level of competence while you personally are gonna be quite discriminating in piano and peer into the feel / performance result and end up at the bottom of it .... why would you even consider this commissioned to rebuild if you do not already have the piano.
We have done over the years of 300 + restorations only Steinway grand pianos and everybody is going to be a bit 'different even though many are similar. Professional players will have the chance. We will choose a piano from their spec inventory and trade in their core reconstructed "before going on this road. There have been many, many success stories, as the preferred scenario though most have been furnished.

Just my opinion though I also have facilitated restoration Steinway more than I can remember.

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