Thursday, February 10, 2011

Repair Piano polishing

Repair Piano polishing and causes - Polisher P & T
All the staff at P & T rubbers are well known to John as we all trained and worked in the management of John at the Royal Park Steinway Restoration Centre in London. This is a small team of restorers highly qualified and experienced piano case.

They restore the good old piano cases polish or French modern techniques in bright polyester.
complete restoration is readily taken or minor damage to wood veneer and the Polish workers and repaired as required.
pianos damaged can be repaired at home or at their laboratory west of London.

Paul Harris: General Manager - with 20 years of experience in the French polishing and modern finishes, including cellulose and polyester, also attended the piano repairs in the customer's home. Paul set up his own company after its formation with Steinway and Sons in London. His company is often commissioned by Steinway to perform works of enamel on their showroom pianos and customers.

Tom Conti: Manager - Tom teamed up with Paul after 34 years of experience exclusively at the Steinway Restoration Centre in Park Royal. He served his apprenticeship as a polisher with distinction and ultimately was appointed Head Polisher for Steinway and Sons in the United Kingdom.

Michael Riches: Michael also trained with Steinway in London and has now reached 10 years of experience in repairing case, soundboards and replacement PIN block. His 'strong', however, specializes in the repair of polyester, in my opinion one of the best in the industry, in this difficult job.

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